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In autumn 2000, OldtimerPress organized its first Hungarian auction of classic automobiles, motorcycles and memorabilia. The success of this auction and the general interest it generated, all pointed to the wealth of tradition and heritage Hungary has to offer to the world of old cars and motorcycles.

The illustrated catalogue can now be ordered from OldtimerPress.
Lots maybe submitted to the auction until April 1th 2001
Only pre-1970 lots will be accepted for auction in the following categories:
Books, newspapers, catalogues, brochures, photographs,postcards, leaflets, medals, commemorative plaques, documents, spares, accessories, toys, models, automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles.
Three methods of making bids will be employed during the course of the auction. The type of bid applying to each particular lot as it comes up, will be announced beforehand by the auctioneer. The types of bidding will be as follows:

1)The auctioneer will begin bidding at a reserve price as published in the catalogue. The auctioneer will raise the bidding according to the auction rules. The hammer will come down following the highest offer made by a bidder using an appropriate numbered card.

2)Reverse bidding will be performed where stated in the catalogue. The auctioneer will commence bidding at the stated starting price and will step down the price according to the auction rules. At any point a bid may be made by anyone with an appropriate numbered card. If the reserve price is reached, bidding will commence upwards. In as much as a bid is not bettered, that bidder will have bought that specific lot. 

3)Following the course of bidding on a particular lot, the final bid must exceed the reserve price as agreed by the seller and OldtimerPress. This reserve price will not have been published in the catalogue. 







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